Minggu, 08 Maret 2015

Your Guide on 2015 Top Car Review

Once again we enter a new promising year for the automotive industry. From SUVs, mini – cars, or even sports – cars, many brands develop new types of breed that is aimed at a broader consumer this year. For the next few minutes, we are going to look into several of the best car that would be distributed in 2015. For those who are looking to purchase a new car, this 2015 top car review could be your guide that might assist you in choosing the right car. 

Three new re-inventions from Honda
Japanese – based Honda is set to release three new and revamped cars in this year. All of these three are re-inventions from old models that did well in the market.  Here are three Honda cars with three different range of price that you can look forward in 2015.
The first car that you might want to check out this year is the ever – popular Honda Jazz. Among the three cars, this one offers the lowest range of price with starting price of £14.000. The new Honda Jazz will include an added technology including a new scalable platform and also a new design that is a lot bolder and braver. As we know, practicality is the best feature from the previous Honda Jazz. The new version will also maintain that quality while also offer you a comfortable inside seating. The engine capacity range from around 1.2 litres up to 1.4 litres. For those who decide to go green, Honda Jazz offers a hybrid upgrade that is environment – friendly.

Another new re – inventions from Honda is a slightly fresher Honda HR – V. The dashing SUV car share similar upgrade with its Jazz counterpart. With a newer and bolder look, the car is set to attract new customers who did not impressed by the older model.  Just like Honda Jazz, HR – V also possesses hybrid setting for those who are green – conscious. As for the pricing, it starts at £16.000 and up to £20.000 for the hybrid upgrade.

And finally, the most anticipated Honda model this year is the Honda Civic Type – R. As oneof the hottest car in 2015, Honda Civic Type – R would have 2.0 turbo petrol turbo along with up to 300bhp. Honda Civic Type – R could sprint as fast as 0-62mph for under six seconds. The price might be slightly higher than the previous two. But it will certainly pay off especially for those who are looking for both practicality and thrill at the same time. The price will start around £30.000 and it will start to be distributed early in 2015.
R8 and TT from Audi

Two more additions to our 2015 top car reviewcome from Audi. Audi TT Roadster is scheduled to be on sale around November this year. As one of the most sought hard – top model, the new Audi TT Roadster will add a fully electric folding fabric roof along with a sharp light that it is known for. It will have a standard six – speed manual with a potent five cylinder TTRS in the pipeline. The hot open roof car will be priced around £30.000 as it is revealed in the latest Paris Motor Show.

The older model of Audi R8 was delivered to the market eight years ago. In 2015, Audi will try to improve a new model of Audi R8 that will become a fierce competition for many other sports cars. The new model comes with a seven – speed S tonic gearbox along with ceramic brakes. The car that was modelled after a Lamborghini is set to be released only in the United States. Audi R8 also comes with a hybrid setting to rival the popular BMW i8 that was released last year. The car will be priced around £ 100.000 and will be distributed in the American market in the middle of 2015.

Aston Martin Releases three Luxurious Ride in 2015
British brand Aston martin is set to introduce three of its front – runner car in the market in 2015. As a part of our 2015 top car review, we will start with Aston Marti Lagonda that will be on sale early this year. The model itself is strongly modelled after the original 1976 original, but with a slight of more modern touch. For instance, it will have an LED lights within. The car will be composed of carbon – fibre and will be sold solely in the Middle East. The 5.9 Litre hand build car is sold at a high price of £400.000 with a limited production of 100 items only.

Aston Martin also introduces a new DBX model in the Geneva Auto Show last month. Aston Martin DBX is a newly developed crossover car with its own electric motor that will not require you any linkage. The stunningly shiny black exterior will be matched with a posh and sophisticated interior design. Additionally, Aston Martin also introduces a track – only V12 that will be sold on a really high price. 

Another couple of one of a kind from Porsche
Our 2015 top car review would not be completed if we did not include the German brand Porsche into the list. The expensive German brand is planning to deliver two more new models for the hard-core auto lover. The first one to be introduced earlier this year is the Porsche Cayman GT4. The two – seated car has a 3.8 litre engine capability with over 380 horse power in its machine. Another amazing feature is demonstrated through its ability in reaching 183 mph in just under 5 seconds.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS is just as good, if not better, as its Cayman GT4 counterpart. Despite the less satisfying older model, Porsche is confident that the new model will attract a new set of customer to them. The car itself will have a 3.8 litre engine capability with an increased downforce up to 50%. For those who are interested in purchasing this car, they will have to wait until later this year to spend around £125.000 on this car.

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